The curriculum has been framed as per the directives of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The subjects offered are as follows:

  • Subjects offered to Classes I-VIII
    • • English
    • • Hindi
    • • Punjabi
    • • Mathematics
    • • Science
    • • Social Studies
    • • Arts/Craft/Music
    • • Information Technology
    • • Physical Education
    • • Value Education
    • • General Knowledge
  • Subjects offered to classes IX & X (AISSE)
    • • English
    • • Hindi/ Punjabi
    • • Mathematics
    • • Science
    • • Social Science
    • • Arts/Craft/Music
    • • Foundation of Information Technology
    • • Physical Education
  • Subjects offered to classes XI & XII (AISSCE-Science)
    • • English
    • • Mathematics
    • • Chemistry
    • • Biology
    • • Physics
  • Subjects offered to classes XI & XII (AISSCE-Commerce)
    • • English
    • • Accountancy
    • • Economics
    • • Business Studies
    • • Physical Education
    • • Mathematics (Optional)
    • • Computer Science (Optional)

The School follows a continuous and comprehensive system of evaluation. To ensure uniformity in performance and to inculcate the habit of life long learning in the pupils, class tests and unit tests are conducted along with two examinations  half yearly and annual in each class. All results are recorded in the student’s report card and parents are apprised of their ward’s progress throughout the year. Terminal results are collected by the parents. This enables them to interact with their ward’s teachers, so that all can work in unison towards the betterment of the student.

Cumulative report cards wherein detailed reports of academic achievements and involvement in activities other than academics are recorded personally by class teachers


Promotion is not granted if a student has less than 75%attendance, if he fails to appear in the annual examination or if he fails to secure 40% in each subject. In all matters regarding promotion, Principal’s decision is final.

School Uniform

As specified in the school diary, it is mandatory for the students to wear the school uniform.



  • • Grey Shorts and white shirts (I-V Std.)
  • • Grey Pants and white half sleeved shirts (VI-XII Std.)
  • • White School socks
  • • Black shoes with laces
  • • School Belt
  • • Blue underturban for sikh boys


  • • Grey Skirts and white half-sleeved shirts (I-XII Std.)
  • • Sky Blue ribbon or hair band with two plaits
  • • White school socks
  • • Black shoes with buckle
  • • School Belt

P.T. Uniform


  • • White Shorts, white house T-shirts, white socks
  • • White shoes (I-V Std.)
  • • White pants, white house T-Shirt,White socks
  • • White Shoes (V-XII Std.)
  • • White Underturban for Sikh Boys)


  • • White skirts, white house T-Shirt, white socks
  • • White shoes (I-XII Std.)



  • • Silver Grey Pants and Grey Full Sleeved Shirts (I-XII Std.)
  • • Grey Socks and black shoes
  • • V-necked royal-blue pullover (I-XII Std.)
  • • Royal Blue Blazer
  • • Tie & Belt
School Timing

Summer : 7:20 a.m. to 1:40 p.m.
Winter : 8:20 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meetings are held regularly to discuss and review the progress of the children on the fourth Saturday of each month. (Timings for these will be intimated by the Class Teachers in the diary). Parents are requested not to meet the students and the teachers during the normal teaching periods. In case of emergency, a parent must seek prior appointment from the class teacher or the subject teacher and come to the school only when they called for.