CT Public School preserves an aim to prepare every student in such a way that a child can explore new world and learn through fun and play. The curriculum and methodology is designed to ensure that the child adds value to his/her growth-each moment, each day.

Learning can be fun is the principal of the school. Here the child learns through music, dramatic play, story telling & group activity. The emphasis is on all-round development, which encompasses emotional and social development, gross and fine motor skill, language development and academic skill.

Teachers with their friendly touch assures the child and prepare the child to face new challenges. While trying to maintain tradition and culture, school directs them towards the horizon of excellence.

While availing all the facilities of the school; students invent new pillars of success. To develop a musical ear and appreciate music, the school has regular music classes. To create best dancers the school has fixed certain periods for this task.

In Ultra Modern World, CT provides its students the best facilities. Keeping in mind the fact it is an age of rapidly expanding information technology, computer classes are there. The lab is well equipped. The teachers are highly competent and the systems are the best ones available.

The laboratory is the real place for learning science like physics, biology and chemistry through practical experiments. Each child is given individual attention here.

The existing Math lab upgraded to one of its kind Math lab where learning mathematics becomes experimental and hands on learning. It is no more a phobia. Different types of methods are used at different level to make mathematics more interesting and easy to understand

Smart class has transformed the monotonous classroom teaching into a lively learning platform for our students. For students it is a completely new learning experience helps them in improving their academic performance.

CT put emphasis on creative Art and prepare our students to express and develop their creativity under the guidance of immensely talented teachers.

Our Library is having a huge collection of books, reference work, encyclopedias and monthly or daily periodicals. A special interest is taken by the school authorities to inculcate the habit of reading in students.

CT provides an Oasis to the students where they find everything; required to lead a successful life. The aim of CT is to build citizens of progressive country. We believe to develop the individual talent of the student.

KG wing of CT Public School is the first knowledge temple which provides the ladder of intellect to them to reach their appointed destination. While trying to maintain tradition and culture, we direct them towards the horizon of excellence. It is our belief that it is not a disgrace if dreams are unfulfilled, but it is; if we have no dreams to dream.