For The Students
  • 1. Students must come to the school in proper, neat and clean uniform, with their nails properly trimmed.
  • 2. Students must attend the school regularly and punctually. Non- Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals.
  • 3. Students must bring their diaries to the school every day.
  • 4. Students must show due respect and deference to the school authorities.
  • 5. Students must handle all the school property with care and give required attention .
  • 6. For any act of serious indiscipline, the school reserves the right to suspend or expel the student with or without warning.
  • 7. Students must not enter the following places without prior permission:
  • a) Principal office
  • b) School administrative block
  • c) Reception
  • d) Corridor in front of principal office
  • e) Staff room
  • 8.Student must go out of the class only with the permission of the teacher and should have OUT-PASS with them
  • 9.Students must lock their cycles / scooters and place them at the specified places .In case of theft , the school bears no moral responsibility although all care will be taken to guard them
  • 10.Students without valid driving licence and halmet will not be permitted to come to school on motor vehicles
Every Student Must Not
  • 1) Bring articles of value, such as rings, watches, mobiles, ipods, or other items of jewellery to school. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of such articles.
  • 2) Lend or borrow money or any other article.
  • 3) Create confusion in the class by bursting crackers and splashing colours.
  • 4) Use rude or abusive language.
  • 5) Talk in any other language except ENGLISH.
  • 6) Break the discipline of the school in any way. Students coming on their own must reach five minutes prior to the bell.
Every Parents Must
  • 1. Avoid going to the class rooms to meet their wards or take them away during the school hours, in case of impelling need Principal’s permission should be taken.
  • 2. Refrain offering any gifts, presents or money to the drivers, conductors or other employees of the school.
  • 3. Go through ward’s diary everyday.
  • 4. Spend five to ten minutes at the bed time with the child sharing moral values.
  • 5. Supervise, guide & guard the T.V. viewing of the child.
  • 6. Purchase school uniform from the school Tuck shop only to check the variation in colour and fabric.